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Legend is born as youngster
scores late for Hammers glory!




Records went tumbling today as became the youngest goalscorer in West Ham United history. The youngster was brought on to a raucous welcome from the home crowd and made an immediate impact.

Ghosting in at the far post in the final minute, met a stinging cross with a postcard-perfect scissor kick to put the ball in the back of the net and seal victory in front of a delirious crowd.

“I can’t believe it, how old is that kid? It’s just… unbelievable!” Tommy D, dad and West Ham United fan, 44


“I’ve been a West Ham fan all my life, and I’m 82 – and when I heard about that youngster on the bench, I said, you watch out, that one’s got talent. And then, just when we needed it the most… best goal I’ve ever seen, and I’m 82. Credit to the manager for the substitution too.” Bobby, 83, lifelong West Ham United fan


The game looked to be slipping away from the Hammers after an early lead had been pulled back and the players were beginning to flag. With one substitution left, the manager rolled the dice and brought on new signing, .

had only been scouted earlier in the week via a local news broadcast that had gone viral. With every major global football club expressing interest, stayed true to colours and joined the Hammers.

And thank heavens for that!


We had heard a lot about this kid in training, so we’re not surprised about . I’ve been watching this game for long enough to know talent when I see it. This kid is the real deal. This kid is going all the way. I’m just happy to witness history in the making with this kid.

Overall, they played a good game. Both teams fought hard for the victory. West Ham United play good football, people are afraid of them, so it was never going to be easy. Still, how VAR has not seen that tackle… But listen, I don’t want to talk about that. Today’s all about the victory and West Ham United’s new signing, . Have you ever seen a finish like that? You haven’t. Take a bow, kid!

People will say the manager took a risk bringing on someone so young. But was ready. And look, 2-1. Job done.


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